Back at Work


Back at Work

At CFCV anyways.

Today was a kettlebell day. Level 1 (and some level 2's) folks learned some of the basic moves and got to practice them through the Elevation II workout. Most level 2's (and some level 1's) got to work the Providence kettlebell workout. Mark's wife Sarah was by and played with the bells and following Elevation II, Mark wanted a "short" CF effort. So, Fran it was. He worked it as rx'd in 9:02 which is pretty good for a comparatively new CrossFitter.

This Saturday, we are having a workout in the park at Aspen park in the Gardnerville Ranchos. The festivities begin at noon and we will do a workout, barb-q some food and then play a little Hoover Ball. Anybody and everybody is invited and we will provide turkey burgers, chicken breasts and hot dogs for the kids as well as potato salad and beer from a keg. At least until everything runs out. There is a list at the gym for people to sign up for dishes etc. so please check your schedule and come if you can (CFCV member or not).

We also have a sign up list for a CPR class. The need has been mentioned a few times and if we get enough people interested, some of the guys I work with are willing to give us a cut rate of $45.

In talking with the landlord today (we had an interested party looking at the vacant 2 suites in the building), we have an opportunity to get a fairly good deal on the other 2 suites. This would give CFCV the whole enchilada. Problem is, I can't see the need for one of the suites and they come as both or neither. At this point with some adjustments we can use and probably will need the one suite in the near future, but I don't think the other will be necessary for another year or so. The a-suite is about 1700 square feet and we can work with parties to sublease part of it or all of it. If you can think of someone needing some office and/or warehouse space or have any other ideas such as someone in the fitness industry looking for some space let me know.