Back at It


Back at It

After a physically demanding day on Saturday (two workouts in a row), took Sunday to recuperate and back on shift yesterday and today.

I am very proud of the girls that attended the cert last weekend. I haven't had a chance to really talk to them since Saturday night, but I'm sure the rocked it!

I was real proud of Wheeler Screen Printing, until Cherie pointed out the grammatical error. And of course I signed off on the proof so I guess I own a bunch of [email protected]#$%d up shirts. Sean is going to do another batch with the proper spelling and a bigger logo on back and not charge us for the printing. And yes, we also added some smalls to the list for the petite types. I guess we'll sell the messed up ones cut rate for workout shirts. I am officially out of the t-shirt equation as Penny is gonna handle future orders (probably a good thing).

I am seriously stoked about a couple of things:

    The golf tourney tomorrow at Genoa Lakes. I guess it's really not a tourney per-se but an opportunity     to  spend a few hours with some of my favorite people. Its too bad a few of them won't be able to         make it-next time. JUST A REMINDER, THE ONLY CLASS TOMORROW IS AT 8 AM.

    The second great thing is due to some cash being freed up and a little help from some friends, I was     able to get into the oly cert with coach Burgener in Reno this weekend. Although I have attended Greg     and Aimee Everett's oly offering I believe I am at a juncture to really learn more about the lifts and         coaching them better. If you haven't noticed, I also believe that the oly lifts (and barbell movements)     are key to our improvement. The cert is also another one of the specialty certs that I have long             desired to attend and it just doesn't get any better than being coached by both Mike Burgener and         Dutch Lowy in the same setting.

Class times will be normal Thursday and Friday and there will be no class on Saturday or Sunday

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  1. kelly

    Have fun at your cert. Golf was a kick in the $%$ we need to do more things as a group outside of x-fit not that we don’t love it, but it’s nice to see everyone outside of the gym and not so serious. again good luck and see you Thursday.