Back at Home


Back at Home

Seems like time away from the station becomes time at CFCV. Not necessarily a bad thing!

I am sure that folks have been wondering what the deal was with the sand bags and what we were gonna do with them. Well, today they found out, clean em, squat with em and run with em. Everyone got their chance except those that have reason to stay away. We deadlifted, sandbagged, bench pressed, box jumped and pull upped to someone elses heart's content:


Shitty picture but Nicole rocks!


So does Seth!


And JasonDSC00191   

And Tim and Dale

And Zach and Lisa, and Teddy and Caleb, and April and Whitey and Mike and Claudia, Carrie, and Mark. For those that have been missing, we would like to see you again!

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  1. Seth

    I sure enjoyed the workout last night. It was a nice mixture that made it fun and challenging.
    I like the look of your new blog.