Back at CFCV


Back at CFCV

Good to be off duty and back training in the garage.

Caleb and Mike were over for more fun. This is Mike’s second day and following the CrossFit warm-up he experienced the first move of the CF beginner’s program, the deadlift. Of course as an introduction we’re not worried about moving much weight but focusing on form. Tomorrow it will be on to the push press, most likely with a dowel and empty bar.

Meanwhile Caleb was climbing the AOS Pinnacle:Dsc01148

His kettlebell form has already improved to the point where it’s time to trade in the 12kg bell for the 16 on some moves. Caleb is also working on the Burgener warm-up as a precursor to learning the Olympic style weightlifting moves. He continues to put alot of effort which is apparent on a daily basis.

Tomorrow its back to the UBC Extreme ladies, Cards anyone?