at it again tomorrow. I'm sure Claudia did well and everyone enjoyed Nancy. I know we did at the station.

The Dutch Lowy dvd arrived today and I was able to fit in watching it this evening. Good stuff and I can't wait to do the in person version in Vegas.

Something that has been on my mind for awhile is some of the shitty movement I see when people are being competitive. Sure CrossFit and competition are synonymous to a degree but consider this; if you injure yourself doing something fast but with terrible form due to the speed or trying to outlift someone else, how many days are you gonna suffer or worse yet miss classes. Just think about it OK?

Hoping Every Second Counts arrives tomorrow. Thinking pot luck, adult beverages and such even if it turns out to be at the gym. Whaddya think?


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  1. Lola

    Good point Ron. I can only speak for my self….my form lacks when I become tired or the clock is a tickin’. I feel it and i know it…’mind over matter’ needs to kick in.
    Bravo to you, Claudia, you are always so quick to catch a mistake and very helpful. thanks!