Awesome Job


Awesome Job

The Fittest of the Sierra Competition went well yesterday. South Lake Tahoe CrossFit is an outstanding organization and organized and ran a quality event. It was one of the few competitions that ran so well it was done earlier than scheduled. Athletes, participants and volunteers should all be proud of the outcome.

CFCV's athletes certainly represented themselves and our organization well. Here's a recap:

Andrew has been a CrossFitter with us for going on 5 months. A few weeks ago, his OHS max was 95lbs. Yesterday he 3rm'd the OHS at 195 (I think that's what he said). He not only set that pr but did well on the other 2 wods. We have been working on full range of motion stuff and will continue, great work Andrew, we'll see what your place is once the final results are published.

Rachael absolutely out did herself. She entered the women's prescribed wod's with some reluctance and continued on to excel at all 3 wods. Not sure what her final place was but I think it was top 10. Her family was on hand to witness her excellent performance which was just that. Awesome job Rachael.

Kelly was scheduled to judge right up until her arrival. She then decided to compete, which is what I should've done but that's a whole other story FTG. Kelly entered the women's scaled wods and I believe she too finished in the top 10.

Kara tried to sign up to judge but was convinced maybe she should compete instead. She did and absolutely owned her class, winning it hands down. I believed she pr'd the front squat, and took no prisoners in the other 2 wods. Again, most excellent performance.

Adrienne also stood on the women's scaled podium with a 3rd place finish. She pushed hard through all 3 wods and what impressed me in a huge way was her abounding smile. Great work Adrienne, you've come a long way since UBC Extreme.

Mark never ceases to amaze me. He stood on the second box over competition that did really well in the CrossFit sectionals. That was his goal, to see how he stacked up against those guys and the results speak for themselves. Mark pr's his 3rm OHS at 235lbs, which is impressive. His focus during the wods was phenomenal and his wife got to witness his awesome performance. Games next year?

Then of course, Carrie got the Fittest of the Sierra title in the women's prescribed division. There was some controversy on the final results so she shared the the top step with Alena from Battleborn CrossFit in Reno, but both camps believe their athlete to be the champ. Airing this controversy on the internet and on this blog is in poor taste and we'll see people's colors as this plays out.

Bottom line, I couldn't be more proud of our contingent. I expected good things and in true CFCV fashion ya'll delivered. I sure hope we have more athlete's compete next year, if for no other reason but to experience the electricity of the event.

A special thanks to Tami who put forth a great effort judging events throughout the day. And to Stacey and Janae who took time out of their day to come support our athletes and of course to the families that were able to make it up and of course those that support our members everyday.

One other person to thank is Penny. Without her support, patience and understanding none of this would be possible.

I have added photos to the blog in the right column in an album. There were more pictures taken on other cameras as well as some video and I will include those as they come available.

Fittest of the Sierra 051
Fittest of the Sierra 055

Fittest of the Sierra 059

Fittest of the Sierra 057

6 Responses

  1. Stacey

    I was so thrilled just to watch this event!!! And so proud to say I’m a member of CFCV! Very impressive stuff!! You all have to go next year– seriously!! You should compete if you have any inkling of an idea that you might want to. EVERYONE is soooo supportive which is just the coolest thing about the whole event. And if you really don’t want to compete (like me 😉 than cheer on your comrades or help with the judging, but just being there was AWESOME!!! I never thought OHS could be so friggin’ exciting! Great job everybody!!!

  2. Rachael

    Very cool experience, guys! Count me in for next year! I loved all the support! I loved how ALL kinds of people could come together thanks to CROSSFIT. Truely inspiring and totally awesome to be apart of it all! I am so thankful for our trainers, if it weren’t for them pushing me through all my workouts, then I probably wouldn’t have even gone. I met some new friends there, Daaang it was quite the experience, I’m definitely hooked!

  3. Cary

    Amazing job everyone! I’m proud to have been a part of CFCV for a while and stoked to hear everyone did so well. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you next time I’m in town for a visit.

  4. Eric Botsford

    Hey guys its Eric from CF Folsom Lake. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and workout with your crew this saturday. Looking at the pictures you posted it really shows that you are doing things right over there. Mark.. man you are an animal. I look forward to seeing you guys soon and thank you again. i am proud to call you my new friends!!

  5. Adrienne

    Ron, you summed it up with the word “electric”. The atmosphere and competition at The Fittest of the Sierra was absoulutely awesome. It is always inspiring to see people from 13 to 56 years of age basically performing the same workouts (give or take a little scaling) and giving it all they have. I know I sure did. When I finished that first wod, I believe my thoughts were…I never want to see a rower as long as I live. But, I have already forgotten the pain and can hardly get back to the gym for more. Ron, Penny and the rest of the CFCV crew and members thank you for some memorable moments.

  6. Mark Lobsinger

    I have not had that much fun in a single day in a long long time. CFCV did amazing………and I am super proud to be a part of it. You gals are awesome! Andrew, you’re awesome! Thanks Ron for everything! You deserve all the credit. Without your passion, dedication and coaching I’d still be trying to OHS the bar!