August 27th 2012


August 27th 2012

Congrats to Ryan for finishing his on-ramp program and to Jenn and Kamay for starting their transition program today.

We will be starting another nutrition challenge on September 10th. I didn't want to start during the Labor Day holiday so we'll begin on the 10th. More details to come but we will use the new Lean Out App, do measurements, pictures and food logs. Let me know if you're interested.

We will be camping at Topaz from Friday night until Monday afternoon. So far we have planned Hooverball at the Topaz Lake Park at 10:00 on Saturday preceded by a SUP session and a barbecue after. Bring your own stuff. This will be the Saturday workout so there won't be anybody in the box. So far it's Nicolette & Chris, Carrie & Waco, Penny & I and several folks coming out just for the day one day or another. This will be the last camping trip so come on out and have some fun with us.

Thursday evening will be OLY night this week.