August 23rd


August 23rd

Jackie was in the house yesterday and left a mark or Mark left a Mark on Jackie. Denny was close behind but that’s kinda the game. Denny the rabbit, leaving a target for Mark to shoot at.


Proof that I finished, check out the “surf” on Tahoe

4 Responses

  1. Nicole Gesselman

    WOW!!! Nice job to Denny and Mark and everyone else that took Jackie on. Ron way to kick rraass!!! Thats awesome! The water looks pretty narly. When it is white capping on the shore I couldnt imagine the rest of the lake.

  2. Adrienne

    Way to finish strong. You look like you had fun. You have inspired me…I am going to try paddleboarding tomorrow at Kings Beach. Wish me luck. You know me, I am gonna need it.