August 20th 2012


August 20th 2012

School's back in session and it was nice to see everyone back in the box. We had a total of 31 folks throughout the day.

One of the highlights is Zach who has been approved to receive a PE credit at Douglas High School for attending class at CFCV. Lisa and I put together the application earlier in the year and it was approved in April. It was approved at the school district and state level. Now all he has to do is the work!

We have had several new members finish on ramps and transition classes and start regular classes in the past week. Yesterday was Lori's first class following 6 months of bootcamp and transition and she drew Karen. Lucky her! Jay and Eileen are hard at it in regular classes and Ryan will soon be done with his on-ramp.

Last Saturday was well attended with lots of bootcampers working along side long standing members. As usual the Saturday classes are partner classes and appropriate for bootcampers, regular members and anyone curious about our program. That's not to say they're easy but anyone is welcome.

Karen was "fun" yesterday:


We will once again be doing an OLY session tonight at 7:00pm. The intent is to work on progressions and the lifts themselves in a focused environment. Also know that for me it a a chance to also play with the lifts. The plan is to do one night a week in addition to our regular programming which includes progressioins and the lifts.