August 15th 2012


August 15th 2012

Congrats to Cody Begovich for starting the next chapter in his life, college away from home. Chris and Nicolette just got back from settling him in at his new digs in Oklahoma.

There are other new chapters to clebrate; Jay and Eileen finished their on ramp program and will start attending regular classes on Friday, Jeremy finished his transition program from bootcamp to regular classes yesterday, Lori finished hers today. Please welcome all when you see them in the next few days.

Yesterday's training session was humbling. It was great to see so many folks improve so much in the front squat. I give the most improved to Dave H. alsthough George is hot on Dave's heels. Then there were several that jumped into that all important transition in the muscle up. Of course Troy getting his first muscle up was a huge milestone.

I was also impressed with how fast so many of you are in the sprint. Teri and Rhonda haul ass as do Adam, Hal, Katie, Cindy, Sal, Tom, Rachael, Tracy, Linda, Lisa, Zach, Dave H., Dustin, Troy  and George.

Awesome efforts by all.

Reminder OLY class tonight at 7:00 pm

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  1. rachael

    Yes, It was VERY impressive to witness it all!! Dave’s gonna have his Muscle up here pretty soon!! CRaZy! Great job EVERYONE!!