August 13th 2012


August 13th 2012

Summer appears to be winding down, activities anyway. Kids will be back in school in a week and the teachers back at it Thursday. This means that on the 20th, the 2:30 class will be resurrected and the 8:00 am bootcamp will change to 3:30 beginning in September.

There are a couple of other new things going on. First I have added the Mobility WOD Banner to the right column of the blog, just above the calendar. The purpose of this is that I would like to see all CFCV athletes begin caring for themselves a little better. I have intended to do this for a long time but have failed in this respect. Yes I have attended Kelly Starrett's CrossFit Mobility and Recovery cert. but really struggle with the implementation of the concepts. Not because I don't understand them or because I disagree with any of them but because the practicality of implementing them in the class environment.

You see many experienced coaches believe and insist that effective training does not occur in the class setting. This is because individuals are just that and have different goals and needs athletically and personally. Their mobility issues are also very individual and to attempt to treat everyone the same with regard to mobility is asking for trouble.

Folks also have different reasons for being here as well as schedules. Some want to get in warm up (more on this later) get the workout done and get on with their day. Others want to focus on performing their best every WOD and are willing to spend unlimited time working on mobility and visiting. Both scenarios are perfectly acceptable as both groups have different goals and expectations.

My proposition is that every athlete that has identified mobility issues (all of us) or those serious about their performance begin a tissue care/mobility program. After reviewing the info on the Mobility WOD site you should begin with episode 1 which appears on page 86 (the last page). This does not mean that you must start your work there but  there is some great info in the first few episodes. After that it is up to you to do the work when you want to. Pre workout, post workout, or at home whenever you can fit it in. If you are doing the work here at the gym please be courteous to others and be timely. If you are doing the work pre workout and it's going to take a long time, get here early. If you're doing it post workout please recognize that another class may be starting soon after your WOD is complete.

Mobility is hugely important but in our environment it may be difficult to get everything accomplished all would like to. The warmup, WOD and cashout are the priorities for each class.

I also want to add that beginning this Wednesday we will start having an olympic lifting class starting at 7:00. We will have the class weekly on a night that I am off duty and this is a trial basis.