Article Response


Article Response

After reading, digesting, reading, some more thought again and again I offer these comments to the piece that appeared in the Douglas Times today on CFCV:

Since the beginning of this adventure I have been told by several people, respected members of CFCV and others that exposure via advertising or the media was important. I wholeheartedly agreed and took the steps to make that happen two weeks or so ago. I anticipated a small one column blurb in the local rag like lots of other businesses receive. I was shocked to hear from a reporter that she (Roseanne) not only wanted to spend a couple of hours at CFCV but was willing to do a workout as well.

As it turns out, Roseanne did spend some time and did a reputable job on "Helen" with a time of 10:41. For those of you that are CFCV regulars, you understand that walking off the street, doing the CF warmup and then a 10:41 Helen is an accomplishment eh? I am disappointed that Roseanne didn't mention this in her article athough I understand there could be a couple of scenarios: it either wasn't enough of a challenge, it was too tough, or she felt the story was about CFCV and not her accomplishments. Maybe she'll chime in on this one.

Roseanne obviously spent a significant amount of time researching the information that I provided her in addition to our conversation. That she sought out and quoted the 10 targeted pathways of Crossfit is admirable. She asked me and I could only quote 6 or so which was an embarassment to me, but she found them and properly stated them. Good job! She also researched and properly explained the origin of CrossFit which many journalists don't take or spend the time to do.

That picture of me sucked! Not that LIsa took a bad picture or that it isn't an accurate likeness, I just hoped I wasn't that fugly.

Understanding that there are many limitations such as space, interesting focus, an editor to satisfy and I'm sure a number of others I don't have a clue about, I had hoped that the regulars of CFCV would have gotten more mention. Sure CFCV was born from the fire service fitness needs but the achievements of the Jared's, Nicole's, Claudia's, Seth's, Caleb's (although he is also a firefighter), Kathy's, Janeen's, Carrie's, Whitey's, Tim's, Kendall's, April's, LIsa's, Zach's, Page's, Ashley's, Mike's and the newcomers also deserve mention (I'm sure I have neglected to mention someone else, but not purposely). Space is money and I get that, I just want to acknowledge the rest of you here. I also want to acknowledge Claudia and Shalene's efforts that helped get us to where we are.

Bottom line, the exposure and experience was positive, for sure. I appreciate all the support those of you who made it continually offer and those of you who weren't able to be there, I appreciate your support as well. And Lola, I thought for sure your picture would win over mine.

The article can be viewed at: Article This link will work, I just changed it 12/7 16:04 

I will be updating the training schedule on the blog soon! 

7 Responses

  1. Roseann K.

    Hello Ron and crew:
    It’s Roseann from the Douglas Times. Thank you for reading the article and for posting a link. I think the photo of you is very good! You are correct with your assumptions about article space –I am allotted roughly 500 words per story, which is not a great deal of room. I apologize that I was not able to fit more members into the story.
    I wanted to thank everyone again for welcoming me to the gym and for being so terrifically patient while I interrupted your workout with questions. For many people, exercise is a private, personal thing, so I appreciate you letting me into your day.
    Regarding my personal experience, I saved that for my weekly first-person column called “View from the Valley,” that appears in the Douglas Times (and will feature another nice photo of Ron). I filed it a few days ago, so please look for it in next Friday’s paper (12/12). The short version is that I was very sore, but had a great time and learned a lot. And Ron is one calm, patient dude.
    Thank you again to everyone for your time and experience — I actually added some kettlebell swings to my workout yesterday (and yes, I am STILL a little bit sore from Monday!).
    See you around!

  2. Roseann K.

    P.S. Helen was HARD. Are you kidding me? I could barely type for days.
    P.P.S. Re-reading my article, I see where I placed too much emphasis on the firefighter angle. I really could have played up the fact that there are non-firefighter types there doing awesome stuff. Sorry about that.

  3. Claudia

    All very good stuff, hurray for CFCV!!! I will be looking forward to Roseann’s other article. I only wish I had found this stuff 10 years earlier:(

  4. Caleb

    I appreciate how Roseann pointed out that the while the workouts can be intimidating to beginners that they are tailored to everyones personal fitness level. I think that is a very important and beneficial aspects of CrossFit. I enjoyed the article very much, even tho there were no pics of me 🙂
    Nice hair-do Carrie!

  5. Jared

    I thought the article was very positive and what a great way to expose Crossfit Carson Valley to more people.
    Although the article was positive and accurate, I was (to be honest) a little disappointed. Maybe it’s because I have seen the passion that Ron has for fitness and teaching others as well as all the hard work he has put into his gym. I also realize, as Roseann has admitted, that space is/was an issue. Even if given the space of 1,000 words, I don’t think you could properly convey to people what Ron has accomplished with his efforts. How to convey the passion he has or that he has passed on to his students.
    I am speaking for myself (but I’m sure others would be able to say something similar), that Ron has changed my life through his training. I know I’ve come a long way from when I started in February and I still have a long, long way to go.
    Ron, keep up the good work and know that you are changing people’s lives for the better. Even if it feels like we are going to pass out, throw up, die or something worse in the process ?. That’s why we come.

  6. Ron

    Thanks for the kind words and support Claudia, Caleb and Jared. It’s for you guys that we put in the effort. You have all made amazing improvements that are more to your credit than mine, for sure.