April 17th


April 17th

Thanks to Marshall and Rachael for showing up to support us at the Fittest of the Sierra yesterday. We all worked hard which resulted in Mark's 5th place finish in men's prescribed, Dalay's 20th place in women's prescribed, Jim's 38th in men's prescribed and Andrew's 40th (he only did 2 wods) in men's prescribed. I finished 6th in men's scaled but of course there were only 8 in our class. The day was full of challenges and as always some controversy but it was still very productive.

Also a big thanks to Adrienne who worked her butt off all day judging athletes. It is a difficult task and thankless at times so from all of us thank you!

Another big story is Denny finishing first in the flight for life stair climb in Reno. The East Fork Firefighters also finished first fire dept in the team competition. I'm still awaiting Adrienne's standing from the weekend in her mountain bike race.

Rachael will be doing PM classes on Monday and Tuesday.

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