April 12th


April 12th

Yep, it's been awhile again….. Sorry I'll try to get better.

All the added activity with the bootcamps and on ramps is a welcomed change, but I realize it becomes a little much at times. My experience at other boxes is this is part of the program, so I'm sorry if folks have an issue with it. However, we have finally gotten to a point that worrying about how the rent will be paid next month is only a sporadic event.

The real positive thing is the cash flow will help to buy some new equipment (which some has been ordered already) and free up some cash for things like stickers and shirts and cool stuff like that.

I promised I'd report the Games competitors final standing in the open so here they are:

Carrie 266 out of 967 in the Southwest region, 12,802 individual females in the world finished all open wods.

Nicole #335

Nicolette #373

Christine # 719

Rachael #813

Jim # 212 out of 1554 in region, 22,183 athletes finished all 5 wods in the individual men's class

Lilly #272

Tony #1151

Andrew # 354 out of 1103 in the !st masters division with 1,103 competing worldwide.

I finished #116 out of 312 in my masters division of 55-59.

Dain, Rhonda, Kara, Janae and Dani had life happen during the 5 weeks and unfortunately had to bow out along the way. They gave their all during the events they did enter.

Our team finished #88 in the south west region out of 126 teams that finished the competition and #1125 out 1768 worldwide.

Bottom line for me is everyone left nothing on the table and we did quite well for a small affiliate in a rural area. I know that our movements were more legit than some and probably allot. I am proud to have all of you on the CFCV team as well as friends and family. We did better than lots of other individuals and teams than I expected. Great Job and Thank You!

I tried posting an article to the Facebook group on shift work. I'm not sure it worked so I'll post a link for those of you who are or are anticipating shift work:


We had a great showing at the CVMS Health Fair last night. We had kids compete in a burpee challenge which consisted of as many burpees in one minute as possible. We also had the video I shot during the wods over the past two days showing on a couple of laptops. I think it went well and want to thank the usuals for helping out so much, Nicolette, Chris, Carrie and Penny and Nicole for covering the 6pm class.

Since my last blog, we have finished up a few on ramps and started some new ones. Welcome to regular classes Paul and Laura and new on rampers John, Kyle, Talia and David.

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