Another Crazy Idea


Another Crazy Idea

Seems sleepless nights at the firehouse spawn all kinds of crazy ideas. Like opening a CrossFit gym, buying a new Harley etc……

The latest comes from the excitement I see for the oly lifts in our gym. Granted not everyone likes them and not everyone is into competition but I do see several folks that get stoked about oly sessions we have had on past Saturdays.

So…. tomorrow's WOD will be a mock oly competition. True, I don't know shit about putting on an oly competition, never even been to one. But, part of the USAW cert I went to focused on oly competitions. In fact the coach was a world class coach and much of his commenting was on lifting strategies at meets as well as training strategies/programs. I realize that real training for meeets entails 8 week cycles etc. but I don't propose that any of us are competitive lifters beyond our gym, yet. This is only a practice to see if people have interest in any future in house meets. If folks dig it I propose to do one meet a month on a Saturday or Sunday with other weekend WODS oly lifting centric.

Here's how it'll work tomorrow, show up at 9 and we'll warm up. At 10:00 we'll begin lifting and work through 3 snatches each then move on to the clean and jerk. We won't worry about weight classes just rotate through our turns. Girls on one platform, boys on the other. We'll break in Penny as a judge and see how it all goes.

Hope to see ya'll there

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  1. Claudia

    Bummer, I have class but would be interested in this event! I’ll try to catch the next one. Everyone at CFCV is freaking amazing, it is an honor to lift with you all. Congrats to Lisa and watching Nicole RX the yucky thruster/rowing wod was great….(someday, she thinks dreamily 🙂