Angie at CFCV


Angie at CFCV

The main-site’s WOD for yesterday was Angie; 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats for time. Today way too did Angie. People were to pick the full WOD or a derivative (1/2 Angie or 3/4 Angie) and give it their best shot.

Mike and Danie picked the 1/2 and did it in 17:52 and 17:05 respectively both using the wide band. Jared and Sarah did the 3/4 and did it in 27:36 and 20:30 both with the skinny band. Those choosing the full deal were Janeen, Claudia, Seth and Lisa. Janeen owned the day with 21:16 using the blue skinny band, Claudia did the deed in 23:31 also with a skinny band, Seth in 36:14 as rx’d and Lisa in 22:57 with the wide band.

Here are some pics:



DSC01437 Claudia is embarking on vacation to the right coast for the next 2 weeks, we wish her a safe and fun trip and will miss her. We hope she gets a chance to visit another CF affiliate during her travels.

Through all the thank yous I have given everyone on the planet over the past 9 months I have neglected to mention one important person in this whole venture, my wife Penny. Thanks, sorry I have overlooked you, without your support CFCV would not be possible..

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  1. Claudia

    Wow! What a workout, I was really happy to end with it before my vacation. Thanks again to Ron and Penny for the awesome facility and the support that you give. Hugs to my bud Shalene, and kudos to all the members of CFCV that completed “Angie”. I too, will miss you during my vacation but fear not…I will either visit a CF facility or will perform some exercises on my own, even w/o equipment! See ya on the 22nd! I hope I won’t be dragging too much 🙂

  2. Nicole

    Yah that was hard I could even walk the golf course after. Thanks Ron!! I had to get a cart. But I love it. You guys are doing a fantastic job on the new gym. Lovin it!!