And Then Came Karen


And Then Came Karen

150 wall balls for time was a good punctuation for the weeks end.


Dave and Jenn are approaching the halfway point of their on-ramp programs. Michelle V's husband Troy started his yesterday and I think will be a good fit for the gym.

I am looking forward to the Boot Camp that Carrie and Rachael will be running beginning January 2nd. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I think it will fit a niche that we don't currently serve, those folks that are not necessarily interested in as much weightlifting that we do in normal classes. I am sure the gals will do a great job!

We have changed the Christmas celebration venue from the gym to Rancho Grande. It's still on the 23rd @ 5:30, but the list of attendees was not very long. So, we'll move it to a restaurant where someone else can serve us and clean up after us. Each person that wants to receive a gift should bring one of value no more than $20.00.

Speaking of gifts, the first atlas stone should be in the house later today. I have made 5 so far and the first one is cured and ready to go. Now all I need is to be able to get it in and out of the truck.

It looks as if the pm classes will be cancelled for 12/19. I have to work an extra shift at the FD on that day that wasn't previously scheduled. I have also cancelled the 6:00 pm for the 23rd so we can all attend the Christmas party at Rancho Grande.