Almost a Week


Almost a Week

since my last post. Time flies when your having fun they say. There's no doubt from my perspective that we're having fun at CFCV along with working our collective butts off.

It appears that the summer slump may be waning as I am back to doing more foundations sessions and fielding more calls of interest. That is a good thing as we approach our anniversary in the new building.

Brian and his wife Marissa are one session away from completing their foundations. Some may remember Brian from the old building as one of the martial artists that came for awhile. They own a tumbling/cheer business and hopefully we can work out some tumbling instruction in the near future.

Cherie is back from a couple of weeks off and hopefully Janeen is feeling better. I am also hoping that Caleb's sabbatical is over.

Kathy was in today for an intro session and scheduled the first of her foundations sessions, thank you Heidi.

The tee shirt design contest is almost a done deal. We are asking folks to vote for a logo design for the shirt as well as a slogan for the shirts. If you haven't voted, it's time.

We are closing out the August challenge tomorrow and I will be posting the result on Dutch's blog in the evening.

We've had some cool workouts in the past few days:

Friday's workout (I was unable to do times for the 9:00 due to the number of folks).


Then there was Saturday's Spartan 300 workout.

And today's was a goodie:


Followed by CrossFit Kids:


Nicole takes the helm for tomorrow's afternoon classes Have fun!