We did the first of the challenge baseline workouts on Saturday. It was totally legit and I underestimated how much support those that were doing the workout would need with loading bars etc. I made a few errors but should have it down by Wednesday. Will put together a spreadsheet and post it to the blog with numbers and rankings once we get the workouts complete on Wednesday. I'd like to see some comments on what folks thought of the workout and the process.

A little over 4 hours and we begin the challenge, are you ready? I am way past due.

The calendar for November has been updated on the blog. You will notice some holes during the week of the 7-12th. Rachael is going out of town and I have some extra shifts to do at the FD.

On Ramp begins Wednesday hopefully we've got some takers……

pics of the aftermath:


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  1. Claudia

    Okay, so I have my yahoo account set up, how and where do I post my food log? Am feeling a little bit under the weather so I need all the points I can get in case I don’t make it to the gym 3x this week.