Added Classes


Added Classes

Due to popular demand (hopefully) CFCV will be adding a 6:00 am class. November 3rd will be the first scheduled class, so if anyone is interested let me know by commenting or e-mailing me. Also please pass this on to those who may not frequent the blog.

I also had a dicussion with a yoga instructor that is looking for interest in a 10:30 am class. Not knowing much about yoga, I couldn't begin to explain the type or whatever but she did ask me to inquire if there is any interest. Again let me know and if you would like more information I can put you in contact with her. My initial thought is that one would not have to pay a membership to CFCV to be eligible. We have not really discussed how the program will work, that will come if there is a demand.

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  1. claudia

    I would be interested in a yoga class, unfortunately 10:30 does not work for me unless there is no school. I may occasionally frequent a 6:00 am Crossfit class in the near future.