Absent in Body but not Mind


Absent in Body but not Mind

Having returned from the Idaho trip I was very pleased to find that Shalene and Claudia did a fine job in covering my absence. But credit is also due the fantastic members here at CFCV as they put forth some great efforts on the likes of Michael, 5000 meter rows and some pretty tough kettlebell workouts.

While away, I had time to do some reflection while rolling down the highway. From my perspective, I see a fledgling CrossFit affiliate that is now 6 months old with some of the nicest, most genuine and hard working individuals I could imagine. We have guys and gals that repeatedly push themselves to their physical and mental limits in completing WOD’s and keep coming back for more. We have two stars that have become so dedicated they are committing to becoming certified with no promise of any kind of payback. And then there are the occasional regular drop ins that come to get their a$$es kicked and I think leave satisfied. We have even been paid the  ultimate compliment by those that are repeating what they have experienced in other venues. Bottom line is I am more than satisfied with where CFCV is and what we have become, I am proud.

Unfortunately, I need to report the passing of a friend of mine, Donnie Harrison. Our lives came together 20 some odd years ago when I was a young supervisor and Donnie was a young man beginning his vocational life. We worked and played together for a few years and became lifelong friends although I admit to not being very good at staying in touch with him and others. The bottom line is that Donnie left us and an awesome family behind at way too early an age. Forty four years is just not enough. There will be many that miss him and I am certainly one. His passing among many, many, others is testament that we should live every day like it is our last because it may very well be! Godspeed Donnie!

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