About Time


About Time

That the blog is updated!

While working Wednesday and Thursday, Claudia and Shalene filled in the complete schedule so everyone could get their fix. Wednesday it was deadlifts and Thursday was a pretty good metcon workout.

While on duty Wednesday Roby and I did a barbell workout from Mountain Athlete. I liked it so much and it fits one of the tangents I enjoy so much, I figured Friday I would teach the barbell complex warmup to the majority of the crew from CFCV. Following the warmup, various levels of modificatio were applied to the workout itself and I think everyone had a good challenging time. Also on Friday, Jason Whitey and Tim were in for workout number 2. Third times a charm and we'll see them on Monday.

Saturday we had the CFCV barbeque and workout in the park at Aspen park in the Ranchos. We did a workout that all family members were encouraged to participate in and several of the kids joined in. I say kids because at my age most all are but there were all manner of teens and pre-teens. Perhaps that's an acceptable description.

Some pics of the fun:




Dacia took some great pictures and if I could figure out how to link to the file I would.

3 Responses

  1. Janeen L Blackford

    Everyone from my house had a ton of fun, and can’t wait for the second annual xfit bbq. Thanks Ron for going well over and above and call of duty for most fitness instructors. The food was excellant and the company even better. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. See you all at the box

  2. Nicole

    Thank you Ron and Penny!!! It was an awesome time. You guys are fabulous!!! Great food, drinks and games. You two went way beyond what any fitness trainers (and with there family!!) would ever do. You two have the biggest hearts and love for what you are tring to accomplish., Thank you!! ( You guys are like bad boyfriends I am addicted to you) LOL!

  3. Nicole

    Sorry! I want to thank everyone for the great food!! And the boxed wine!! That was great! Indy had a wonderful time. Claudia,Grandkids of the Haskins and Janeen thankyou your kids are awesome. Indy loved them!!