A Few Words


A Few Words

Upon deep reflection the past few days I feel an explanation is in order:

CFCV is in a state of flux. We are growing leaps and bounds which is great, but at the same time we are trying to figure out the best way to provide trainers for each session. This is difficult as Shalene's medical team still hasn't diagnosed her condition much less give a prognosis of recovery. That coupled with treatments in Reno will make her availability sketchy and unpredictable if she's available at all. Claudia, although available more often than before, still has job responsibilities which also make consistency an issue.

But that's not all of the challenge. Since opening CFCV I have committed myself to being the best I can be as a trainer. I want to, no, I need to provide the customers (clients, athletes, CrossFitters, whatever) with the very best in training I can muster. As y'all grow I need to keep at least one step ahead so as to work towards virtuosity. Admittedly, I have a long ways to go.

To reach the goals I have set will require much learning on my part. I spend countless hours researching and learning new material, progressions, etc. In addition to this book, Internet and other forms of  learning, I feel it necessary to attend hands on coaching clinics to expand my knowledge, skills and abilities.

The point of all this part of the discussion is that for two reasons there will be lapses in class coverage in the next two weeks, maybe a little longer. This is due to absence of trainers due to coverage as well as my attending a CrossFit Gymnastics cert and CrossFit Kids cert from Wed. 8/27 through 9/1. Claudia will be available for some of the coverage but has other commitments during that period.

I feel the need to explain why these 2 certs. First of all, the gymnastics cert is not to learn how to do and teach the fancy stuff on the Olympics, rather proper progressions in learning/teaching body weight movements such as planche, parallel bars, rings etc. I have no illusions of creating Olympians but I do intend to teach the athletes of CFCV the proper and safe ways to perform the basic moves they would like to learn. Looking at the goals board I see a fair amount of interest in this.

Secondly is CrossFit Kids. I believe that reaching kids when they are young potentially can change their lives and possibly a few generations down the line. I watch your kids playing in my gym and have a desire to make it interesting, safe and effective for them to learn the CrossFit Kids curriculum. I can't think of a better way to get them involved if while you are doing a class they can too instead of watching tv or playing video games.

So why now? As you may be aware, CrossFit certs fill up quickly and a long ways out. I was in a position to attend these over four days and didn't anticipate the coverage issues. By attending these certs that are at the same location back to back, I save quite a bit of money and have to take relatively little time off from my paying job. I also feel the need to expand my knowledge base especially in the gymnastics area post haste.

The other thing on my mind is expenses. Since the beginning of this venture our goal financially was to at least break even somewhere at the anniversary point. I believe we are on schedule but as the gym grows so does equipment, supplies and space needs. However, the expenses of the building and infrastructure are met by the membership fees paid. Where we really take a hit is in trainer fees. The only reason I bring this up is that we need to get the best bang for our buck so to speak in this area. That doesn't mean not having classes but it does call for judicious use of trainer's time. I'm not talking about days I am there, as my time doesn't cost much. But when I pay a trainer for 1 person showing up to a class I lose 10x on that investment. So what I am asking is this, please sign up for the classes you intend to attend and then attend them and not another. I know s— happens and we can work around it, but please let someone know. The other day we had 9 people in a class that 4 were signed up for and that makes it tough on everyone to have a positive experience. If I know there's gonna be 9 I'll get another trainer to help out or change the workout. Generally y'all don't show up at the same time so this makes it hard to plan.

The rates we charge are pretty much dependent on the perceived value. As we get better at training and become better equipped, those costs will rise. I don't ever anticipate going beyond the $100.00 per month mark but do plan to go there before long. Most other CrossFit affiliates charge at least $150.00 per month and some over $300.00. I have taken some heat from others about under pricing  but I believe our prices are reasonable for what you get. Your rates are good for one year from when you joined and for those early birds that year began the day we moved to the box.

So to wrap all this up,

  • There are going to be some short weeks ahead while I get learned and Shalene gets healed. I believe this "learning" is in your best interest.
  • Please be vigilant about signing up and attending the classes you're signed up for.
  • Please excuse the mess so to speak as we grow, we're all in this together. There's more skill, equipment and fun on the way.
  • If you have suggestions, problems or questions speak up! Silence is approval.
  • Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!

Thanks for listening (reading).