In case you were wondering Roby and I did the partner Angie at station 1 today in 30 minutes. We both did all the work as rx'd. So if you think I escape the punishment, you'd be wrong.

As Claudia mentioned I'll be out of town this coming week and she and Shalene will be handling classes. Please make sure to let them know if you cannot make a class you've signed up for or sign up if you plan to attend a class.

Another interesting article from our friends at Again Faster can be found at:


Have a great week

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  1. Seth

    “Suckdom”. It’s a funny word that is used in that article that made me chuckle. As I was reading that article I was thinking about how I managed myself through these last workouts this week. I haven’t regressed any but I haven’t really attacked any of these workouts with the intensity that I could. It’s a good brief article that has made me want to push myself harder, especially in the 400 and 800 meter runs.