Fight gone bad was the workout d'jour. Maybe a surprise to some but not all. The cool thing is again there were big improvements of their last effort by Caleb, Seth and others. Several of the FGB virgins learned of its evilness but really worked to do their best. This is one of the bench mark workouts we have a love/hate relationship with.

Welcome to Jason and Whitey, the latest duo to join the CFCV team, and nice effort today. Claudia linked 4 kips together and I think Janeen is figuring out the movment as well. Seth also did a couple of strict muscle ups to round off the day.

All points bulletin is being issued for Mike, where are you?????

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  1. Mike Haanpaa

    Insanity has prevailed in my life lately, however I’ll be in Monday at 1 if you could save a spot for me.