Back in the box after a weekend of MX at the new g-ville track. Sat. practice and Sunday race. Nicole brought Indy out for her first quad race on the MX track. Indy did a great job and hung in there for a first place trophy. Ethan and I weren't so successful in the trophy department but we came home without any injuries which is a victory in itself.

Today was Cary's last day visiting from Indiana. He brought his niece Sunshine to visit and hopefully tomorrow will be her first Kids class. We had other visitors today as well. Kara's friend Corie came with her and Carrie's friends Clint and Joanie also received their first dose. All wil be coming back on Wednesday at different times for their first foundations session. Welcome!!!

Just a remider, the 9:00 and 2:15 sessions won't be held tomorrow due to a deposition I must attend. The 6:00 is a go and so are the 4, 5:15 and kids classes.

Lovin the August Challenge?