Made through the MX racing this past weekend without injury or too much embarrassment. The facility they built by the fairgrounds is great and a much needed venue. Hopefully the citizens, county and track management can come to an agreement to keep MX alive in Gardnerville.

There are many "stars" here at CFCV and as I mentioned before you don't need to have the quickest time or lift the most weight to be a star. I have recognized Kathy R. many times in the past and need to again today. Kathy managed the buy in hang power cleans with 41 lbs. In the past we have always scaled movements like these way back for her. But today she did the full movement with a very respectful weight. And then she went on to actually do burpees as part of the WOD. I don't know many folk's with birth-dates in the 40's that can do burpees let alone 15 of them. Once again, great job Kathy!

I have run across this article on several CF blogs lately and though it would be timely, good reading.


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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    You did awesome!! Ethan too! It takes alot to get out there and race. Not anyone can do it. U guys rode really good! Kodos to Kathy she is amazin!!