Last few days have been scorchers, it was 97 degrees in the office at CFCV yesterday. Time to take action. That doesn't mean we will cool the whole gym but maybe some of the cool air will migrate out to the workout area.

I'm hoping the decline in attendance is due to vacations and such but even the Kids classes have leaned out. This gives me some flexibility in programming such as Maddy and Marcus's fight gone bad and Reece's lone workout on Friday.

Doesn't look like much interest in the SMR workshop, I'll speak with Jeff about what to do now.

Cherie is closing in on finishing her foundations and doing a good job. First part of next week she'll be done and ready to attend regular classes.

It's good to see Anna and Dana working so hard, they've really some a long way.

Today we did Dirty 30's for the first time. Lola was back for the first time in awhile and Cassie and Karyn came with Tami. Claudia, Whitey and I rounded out the class. It was a great workout and it's fun to actually be able to workout with the masses from time to time. Following the workout, Ethan and I went to the new MX track in G-ville. First time for both of us in awhile and boy was it fun. The races tomorrow ought to be great. I will say that our workouts compliment riding perfectly. The time domain is right on and the thrusters, wall balls, oly lifts, and other movements have done well to provide the stamina needed. Now if my ca-jones drop, I'll be good to go.