Did you get your free slurpee today?

I didn't. Today was day 1 of the challenge. For those of you that have not gotten your pics in or paid up, you've got this week to make it happen. By Sunday evening the 1st weeks' food logs are due on the  Yahoo group. Please don't string this out. I have straightened out the yahoo group and many of the members of previous challenges are still there. Teri and Scott have been added by going to the group button on the blog and requesting to be added as a member. You too can accomplish this. I have also deleted some that are no longer interested and there's a few on the fence. I also added the format that will be easiest to read and interpret for my first day's log. Good luck to all and lets have some fun with it!

As mentioned before this month's schedule will be flaky due to trainers being out of town. Make sure you check the schedule and of course sign up!

Thursday we'll be heading up Faye canyon on a training hike for the tough mudder. I will be leaving the gym following the 6am class hoping to start the hike at 7. Hope to see everyone there.

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