4/3 and 4/4


4/3 and 4/4

Usually the duty days don’t interfere with workouts as much as they did this tour. Yesterday we babysat a rancher that was outstanding in his field…..burning it and today it was call after call. The good news is that for the past two days I’ve felt crappy so it all works out.

Upon returning to station 1 from the semi controlled burn I found that the majority of the station 14 crew got their workout in while we were out. Even the Costa family was here and completed it. So, Lisa and I did the following workout with Roby at the helm of the speedbag forum timer:

The One Arm Bandit Four rounds of 30 seconds R & L, rest 25 sec R & L rest……20 and 15 with 1 minute rest between rounds.

One arm swings

One arm row

One arm suitcase deadlift

Abmat or GHD situps (me on the GHD, Lisa on the Abmat)

One arm KB push pres

Weighted planks

Today Lisa came by but I felt under the weather enough to lack motivation. Tomorrow we’ll do a couple of workouts at CFCV followed by MMA in Reno and then a dark day on Sunday.

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