Good thing I didn't promise to post more regularly.

Business is booming, lots of full bootcamp classes and regular CF classes.

We will be debating the discontinuance/rescheduling  of the 2:30 class once school gets out. I need your input as to whether a time change would make a mid afternoon class more appealing.

Last week I posted on the board that we would be holding open gym at noon on my off duty days from the FD. The thought was that Penny and I will be in the gym as that will be our designated WOD time so folks could come work on something they wish to improve in or complete a WOD they missed. The offer is still good but there is a caveat. This is for experienced members that are regulars and not meant for those that need or expect coaching during that time. You must be cleared by me to be welcome to open gym at noon. I also need to know if you plan on coming ahead of time in case our WOD is a hike or something out of the gym.

As we move close to summer, sign ups become very important. Once again if no one is signed up for a scheduled class there is a good chance there will be no coach available. And that doesn't mean call 10 mins before the scheduled time and expect someone to answer/show up. There are lots of outside activities I like to participate in in the summer months.

We are finishing up a couple of on ramps and midway through one. Dave, John and Kyle will soon be attending regular classes and Adam and Rene are about half way there. If there are folks out there that are contemplating starting an on ramp the time is now to come see me. We have also done a few bootcamp to CF transition programs  and I think they will work well. They have been whittled to 3 sessions.

The paddle season is here and I will be paddling every chance i get in preparation for the  racing season. If you're interested in coming along let me know, I have a few extra boards and have a connection at the lake to get more if needed. I make no promises that they will be free if we have to use the shop at the lake but I will not charge you to use mine.


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  1. George

    Ron if you are considering rescheduling a time for WOD’s, maybe sometime between the two morning classes, say 7:30 am. Working at night this would work well with my schedule and of course, its all about me. My .02 cents.