As mentioned in last night's blog the workout for today was a tribute to the 343 brothers from FDNY who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/01. In their honor all members who showed today did the 343 workout posted in the message board on the CrossFit.com mainsite. This wasn't the WOD but was decided upon in a poll on the community page of the site. The workout CFCV style consisted of 25 meters KB farmer's carry, 20 wall balls and 10 deadlifts. As prescribed the workout required 65lb dumbells for the FC, 20lb wall balls and 225lb deadlifts. For the most part we did some scaling but all gave it hell and here's the proof:

Crossfit 040 

Crossfit 044     

Crossfit 053 

Crossfit 050   

Did I mention it was as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes? The results:

Crossfit 056 

Crossfit 057   

Crossfit 058 

Crossfit 059   

Crossfit 060 

Crossfit 061   

Crossfit 062 

I think our friends at Wichita Falls Weightlifting and Concept 2 owe us some sponsorship deals? I also want to thank Monica from Carson City for coming by. Hope you enjoyed the workout/indoctrination.