Matt K and Jeff C started the day off at CFCV by coming by and doing the following workout with me:

One Handed kettlebell swings 5R/5L

10 push ups

Kettlebell snatches 5R/5L

Kettlebell squats 5R/5L

8, 2 minute rounds with generally 1:30 work with :30 rest.

After the duo left, Caleb was by for another round of CF warm-up, learning the Burgener warm-up and push presses. It is amazing how he has progressed in just 4 sessions.

After all the CFCV activities, I followed it all up with Tae Kwon Do class at Northwest Martial Arts.

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  1. Today myself, Matt S. Sky, Tracy, & Patrick Hughes did a very similar workout to CFCV at Station 7
    10 double handed swings
    10 push ups
    5 snatches R/L
    10 burpees
    We didn’t have an interval timer so decided to go for 20 minutes straight.
    I was coming off a six day rest period due to a chest cold but it felt great to get back to business.
    Everyone put forth a great effort and it was fun to workout in a big group like that