18th and 19th


18th and 19th

Burpee challenge days which coincides with the dates at least for January. And in the past two days we have had several new folks attend. Sunday we all experienced Jackie, which after the rowing sprints on Thursday brought a new challenge to the workout. We also had Jackie and Jenny learning the barbell complex as their second foundations class with Claudia at the helm. William was also in the house for his introductory session.

Today it was 5 rounds of back extensions, Russian twists, box jumps and pull ups following the 3 rounds of the CrossFit warmup. Just to give the Fran like suckiness that comes with Jackie, Ryan did her in 6 minutes and some change. In addition to the regulars, Joanne's son Jordan participated as did new comers Alyssa and Carrie. Alyssa has been to CFCV before with Monica and I confused Carrie with another experienced CrossFitter I had talked to over the weekend. As such they "got"  to do the workout we all did. Doug was also back for his second foundations and did the barbell complex.

The board from today:DSC00280

Don't forget about burpee day 20. It's gettin harder to make up days missed eh?