1/24 & 1/25


1/24 & 1/25

Saturday was a return og the deck of cards. This time around we did pullups, push ups, swings, squats and of course burpees for the jokers. There was a little wining about the burpess as we are progressing through the  burpee challenge and were at day 24 and 25. The 9:00 was me and the 1:00 Claudia.

In between Williamm was back for his 2nd foundations class which consisted of the joint mobility 2 warmup, barbell complex and a introduction to Tabata squats. He continues to hang in there doing a good job. Alyssa was at the 9:00 with Monica.

Saturday was also Roby's first child's baby shower. I guess the new millenium thing is to have a coed baby shower which we did and it was well.

Today we went over to Sacramento to pick up some parallel bars I bought off of Craig's list. They are old but I think will serve our purposes for a long, long time.

When I met John to pick them up it was at Midtown Strength and Conditioning. What an absolutely cool place. On one side is a power lifting club gym and on the other an old school complex gym. A complex gym is a functional fitness oriented gym that uses the same stuff we do, but they were doing it before CrossFit was born (so I'm told). What a bitchin place, sleds, boxes, tires, kettlebells, barbell, dumbbells, lifting platforms, GHD's chains………No heat, no ac and chalk.

Looking forward to the coming week, announcement of the CF Kids schedule and parallel bars to play on.