Late post from yesterday, sorry.

Also sorry for forgetting to mention Claudia's presence at the 4:00 class on Tuesday. I guess I am a sorry sucker after all.

Wednesday was another pretty tough day as far as workouts go. It was cool to see so many in the 6:00 class. Attendance before the sun comes up has been spotty but certainly worth keeping the time slot. I think several people have figured out that attending on my first day back to duty gives them an extra workout for the week.

It seems the majority of members are adapting well to the inclusion of more barbell work. It's good to see a positive reaction to "new" stuff, after all that's one of the tenets of CrossFit, constantly varied. One of the highlights of the day was spending an entire class working with Seth on barbell snatch progressions. We both got some needed practice in and are laying a good foundation for the OLY lifts. With my limited exposure and experience, working with more than a couple of folks on the lifts and their progressions is a dis-service to all involved. But with time that will change, that's my commitment.

Another significant highlight was Kathy's completion of another "real" workout. She has been doing a custom program to help ready her for the real deal. She has made significant improvements in her ability to do the basic movements. Kathy sure works hard and shows her commitment to personal achievement as do many members of CFCV.


Tomorrow is the scheduled publication of the story on CFCV. It is supposed to appear in the Douglas Times insert to the Reno Gazette Journal. As my son Ryan reminded me last night "I hope you didn't say something stupid". That got me to thinking, I probably did, I usually do say and do stupid things – that's been a lifelong trend.

Last but certainly not least, I cannot express the importance of the other "parts" of the health and fitness equation NUTRITION and REST. I continue to hear people comment that they aren't getting the results they expect, not necessarily from CFCV but in general. There is a great deal written on the importance of nutrition and rest and one of the best resources I know of is Robb Wolf He not only is the nutrition guru but knows his stuff about the coaching side of the game. I have mentioned this in previous postings and I can't express what a great resource he is. As luck will have it, he is coming to Reno on December 13th for a nutrition seminar produced by CrossFit. I think you can still sign up by going to the main page for CrossFit and clicking on the class in the right column. I would love to go but the timing is bad for me.

Some pics from yesterday: OK so maybe in the next post, computer issues.

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  1. Seth

    I enjoyed the opportunity to practice barbell snatches. It definitely will take some time and a lot of practice before these become comfortable. I would like to continue practicing the progression movements.
    Thanks Ron