12/25 and 12/26


12/25 and 12/26

Workouts yesterday and today were really thin. Guess I should have anticipated that.

By now several have seen the new structure as explained on the website. Be sure to look at the getting started, prices and schedule tabs to get the low down. Just to explain, I have noticed that when new folks attend workouts on their first day, either the basics become a large part of the workout or I am not as attentive as I should be to established members. I hope this new program will alleviate these issues. Not that we all don't need to revisit the basics from time to time, but not always.

The majority of other CrossFit affiliates use the same strategy but like other areas charge a bunch more money than this. It really isn't all about the money but I figure this amount is affordable as well as shows commitment on the part of the new member. The first visit will remain free and the prospective member will get a good workout as always. I also encourage current members to attend the initial visit with their friends if they like and they could certainly come to the foundations as well. I truly hope this change doesn't scare people away, but I truly feel it will work for everyone. If there are questions or concerns, let me know.

As we head into the new year I hope all have a safe and prosperous one.