12/13 & 12/14


12/13 & 12/14

Rather than answer Seth's comment on the last post, I thought I'd do it here. Thanks for the kind words Seth, it is truly my pleasure to serve you and all the members of CFCV. I too think that the articles were good not only for CFCV, but for CrossFit in general. CrossFit's template is second to none in developing a high level of general physical preparedness, at least in my opinion. My opinion is based on my experiences and observations of people with whom I have been lucky enough to work with over the past couple of years. Seth and a number of individuals have made tremendous improvements over their original fitness levels in a relatively short period of time. More importantly though, I think they have also made positive changes in their overall health and well being as well as confidence in themselves. It is their commitment to CrossFit and CFCV and the obvious results that challenges me to continue learning and fuels my passion. Anyway, thanks to you guys for what CFCV is.

This weekend we had some pretty full classes. On Saturday Tabata this was our challenge. The Tabata protocol based workouts are some of my personal favorites. Those in attendance (based on my recollection which may or may not be right) were Whitey, Lola, Kara, Tim, Jason, Penny and I.

Today, Carrie, Claudia, Mike, Lola, Whitey, Tim, Kara, Penny and I did a  30 seconds work/10 seconds rest 3 station workout that incorporated 3 rounds of 2 exercises per station. It was short but sweet and hit the spot so to speak.

Claudia was pretty stoked about the CrossFit nutrition Cert she attended this Saturday with Robb Wolf at Reno CrossFit. I really wish I was able to attend but it just wasn't in the cards. I will soon though.

The end of next week is going to present some scheduling challenges. I am scheduled to go over the hill to CrossFit One World for another attempt at level II certification. Actually I'm going to learn and if I am worthy and pass the test so be it. Be sure to check the training schedule on the blog as Claudia will be filling in and due to her schedule, there will be a few classes that aren't going to be possible.

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  1. Claudia

    Yes, the CrossFit Nutrition seminar was great, if anyone wants to talk about it further let me know. Robb spoke a lot about the Paleo diet and the Zone, I have experience with both and have adopted the Paleo diet currently and love it. If you want to have your numbers in CrossFit improve and your recovery time shortened, I highly suggest either of these “lifestyle changes”. I feel completely satiated on the Paleo eating plan and am stoked to see my body change as a result of it, oh and the 3 lbs I have lost already in the last 5 days doesn’t hurt either 😉