The day started early with Buffy and Page at 6:00. They both did the benchmark Cindy, scaled to their capabilities. If I recall properly it was 9 rounds for Page and 12 for Buffy. Good job on your first CIndy Buffy!

At 9:00 Seth, Jared, Caleb, Carrie and Denny switched things up with a workout consisting of deadlifts, KB swings, box jumps, pull ups and 200m rowing or running. Thsi workout was "borrowed" from CrossFit Central Santa Cruz and was pretty legit. At 1:00, Jason, Adrienne, and Jade gave it their best shot. AT 2:15, Mark and I did also and 4:00 was the last class of the day with TIm, Whitey and NIcole.

I thoght Seth was kidding about the mouth guard, but evidently not! Caleb has really come a long way with his kipping pull ups. He did runs of em today that were amazing. And Nicole and Tim jumping on two bumpers stacked on top of the 24" box was also cool.

We'll have a special workout tomorrow. So far there is no one signed up for 1:00 and I really don't want to do a class for one person, so we'll see how it goes.

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  1. Caleb

    Thanks for the mention of the kipping pull ups. It’s just another thing that I never thought I’d be able to do 11 months ago when I started my CrossFit journey. Thanks for all the help and support.