Wanted to come up with a catchy title for today's blog entry but I've used up the humble, shock and awe titles long ago. But today was truly one of those days. Watching Carrie do her WOD with a weight vest on for 4 of the 5 rounds was certainly cool. Then I had her take it off for the last round and she did awesome strict pull ups like they presented much of a challenge. Before that she did reps of 123 lb deadlifts followed by a max attempt at 205 lbs which she was successful at. Great to have her back.

Today we also welcomed Teddy, Jordy and Jessie for their first workouts. They all did an awesome job. Claudia pulled out the stops on her Helen effort with 12:23 as rx'd. Great job Claudia!

I think the 6am class is catching on, at least for those who have figured out that my first day back to work at the FD becomes their fifth day for the week.

It was a tough weekend with filthy fifties on Saturday with another tough circuit on Sunday. Whitey, Tim, Lola and Barb all participated in the weekend fun and then Whitey and Tim were back again today. Speaking of a  tough weekend, bottom to bottom Tabata squats were introduced following Sunday's circuit. Those that missed Sunday got their dose today. There was one poor sucker that got them both Sunday and today-me.

Following the 6am tomorrow, its back to duty at the FD for the next two days.

Two pics from today:



3 Responses

  1. Seth

    Nice job Claudia!!! You really killed your last Helen time. That’s awesome!
    Hey there Teddy, Jordy, & Jessie welcome to Crossfit. We hope to see you all again.

  2. claudia

    Thanks Seth, I am very proud of my time, I was only hoping to get under 20 minutes not thinking I would actually be able to kill it by 7 1/2 minutes! This is still the best stuff on earth!