A big thanks to Nicole for covering classes today even though there were not many takers. Please rmember if you don't sign up, there may not be anyone there when you arrive.

There will be some changes to the look of the website and blog in the near future. The artist that designed the new logo is going to put together a photo montage we will use as a banner on both. I'm getting tired of the same old design.

Interesting post on Robb Wolf's blog again. That guy is incredible.

If you get a chance go to the CrossFit mainpage and click on the affiliates blog button in the left column. Scroll down to 10/23 and read the comments. Some inspirational stuff there and I wish I would have seen the challenge on that day. It was the eve of the Oly cert so I missed it.

Stacey and I have registered for the Movement and Mobility and Nutrition Certs at Norcal the end of January. Can't wait, should be some great stuff as well as a great venue.

Happy Halloween!