Quick post to share some info and another cool video of the CrossFit Games.

Still plundering through the cooling debacle. Some of you may not realize that in order to have a/c I have to purchase the unit ($800), run an electrical circuit, do building modifications and pay increased power bills. This is at a time when membership is inconsistent and we have additional equipment needs as well as I would like to order some t-shirts. I have a few comments about the heat but nothing to this point that makes me believe we are losing members due to it. If I am wrong on this, please let me know and I will shift priorities.

The schedule will be out for August shortly and there will be some challenges, but we'll get through it.

In the meantime, enjoy this.

7 Responses

  1. Lola

    Mind over matter, also applies to the change in climate. We crossfit, to make us tougher. Look at the Games….Hot as shit weather, the competitors are certainly not out there with someone spritzing water on them, as they compete. Our bodies will adjust, drink alot of water afterwords or workout out naked to stay some what dry. Just wear your sunscreen! Dont worry about things like that (very miner)! Lola

  2. Stacey

    I agree with Lola and Mark. Like the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill ya’, makes you stronger.” I’m one of the first ones to plant myself in front of a fan when I’m done, but I’d rather do that than go to Curves ;-0

  3. anna

    I agree with Stacey,use the fans. been to Curves, you never sweat or gain muscle or lose weight. Why go? I love this gym.It,s always new and (aka) Fun.

  4. Doug

    Well, I don’t know about the working out naked idea, although it would give a whole new meaning to the term “hanging cleans”. The sign reads Forging Elite Fitness. Well, you do not forge anything without a little heat. Keep it as is.

  5. Jared

    If we go the naked route; will you provide blindfolds? We can deal with the heat. Drink lots of water, be aware if you think you are going to passout and get near some kind of padding.
    thanks again for coming out to the Safety fair Ron. It was great to have your support.