The birthday party at the gym was a blast, thank you all for attending and sharing this milestone with my family and I. Also thanks for all the cool cards and gifts.

Today I shared anotherĀ  controversial blog post I ran across on Facebook. It originated here: http://lenoxspartanfitness.com/category/why-we-dont-wod-part-1-case-study/ and I received it from a source that frequently has issues with CrossFit.

So, you’re probably wondering why I would post a link to an article that bashes CrossFit. I believe that our members are entitled to hear both sides of the conflict and make an informed decision on what is best for them. In this first installment the Spartan Fitness dude makes some valid and often voiced criticisms of CrossFit.

BUT, from my perspective I have a question and some comments. The first is what exactly is the author’s definition of CrossFit? Is it mainsite WODs day after day? If so, I partially agree with his and cited people’s positions and comments. As our members know, CFCV’s program (in it’s entirety) is largely different than that of CrossFit dot com’s. That’s because our coaches have furthered their learning and we have an interest in sustainability and the bigger picture. Sure our shingle says CrossFit and we use CrossFit methodology and movements and we have been a CrossFit affiliate for approaching 6 years, but we have in my opinion taken things to another level.

The other big deal for me occurred when I took a tour of the Spartan Fitness Facebook Page. What I saw was the same movements used in CrossFit with similar programming. This makes me suspicious just what this guy is bashing. It appears to me that Spartan Fitness is doing what many if not the majority of affiliates and CFCV does, program their own workouts, WODs if you will using like movements and methodology. The majority includes Invictus, OPT and several very legit programs.

I guess the final comment would be that just like in anything, there are good and bad affiliates, coaches and programs within the CrossFit world. It is also a fact that CrossFit isn’t for everyone. It is no different than any other service industry business, the customer must make a value decision and have the freedom to choose their destiny. CFCV is committed to deliver what we believe is the best product for the value andĀ  constantly evolve.