Just wanted to report that while I was toiling at work, Caleb went to CFCV to complete the "homework" I assigned. He rowed a 5k on the C-2 erg. What’s exciting is he improved his time from 28 minutes to 21 minutes in less than a month. Great  job Caleb!

At station 1, I performed a multiple station workout consisting of 2 exercise per station and 8 minutes per for 4 stations rotating between the 2 exercises for 1 minute each. A minimal 1 minute rest was allowed between stations. ARRGH!

I also worked with Zac on the CF WOD of 3,3,3,3,3 back squats. This was his first attempt at this workout.

Tomorrow, Its back to UBC Extreme for the first of two days of the last week of the pilot. I’m thinking a trip to Rhode Island is in order as a prep for their fight gone bad on Thursday.