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crossfit02Because our services vary depending on an individual’s goals and commitment to reach those goals, the entry into our practice begins with a one on one consultation with one of our coaches. Potential new members will attend a 6-8 session introductory class that is known as our Foundations program. The purpose of the Foundations program is to introduce new members to the movements CFCV uses in our programming and assure the new member can perform them safely and with confidence.

Foundations classes are scheduled for the first week of each month and are 2-3 sessions per week until completed. The normally scheduled time is 5:30pm. If 3 or more individuals are interested in starting a Foundations program at a different time, this will be considered. All regularly scheduled and special Foundations classes will be subject to coach availability.

New members beginning the Foundations program will be required to pay two month’s membership fees up front which is $270.00 ($135.00 per month) before any adjustments. This will cover the cost of the Foundations classes, the remainder of the first month plus a second month.

What we are trying to accomplish is assuring each new member is familiar with basic movements used in CFCV’s programming and to maximize conversion of new members into the regular classes. Of course we will continue the practice of encouraging those bootcampers that wish to come over to the CrossFit program to do so, as well as encourage experienced CrossFitters to join our program following an assessment of their skills.

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